So early in the morning, we set our way to Porquerolles! On a ferry, kinda like sentosa, its a recreational island for family and kids to do some sports, swim, hang out and have a picnic.

 Me all ready!!
 So once we reached we immediately rented a bike and this was the view we saw on top of the cliffs!! quite a sight.
 The blue blue (cold cold) waters
 Me awkardly on a bike.
The scenery was very beautiful, I’ve not been to australia but for some reason, I’d imagine the outback would look like this. 
 Finally after lunch we went down to the coast and saw this beautiful blue beach waiting for us.
I decided to swim in it! but it was really cold and being singaporean, we’ve never heard of  “cold” sea waters before because the beaches were always so warm and the water too.

This one was super cold…I think somewhere from 16 to 22 degrees…cant tell but it took me 30mins to get in haha.
 The skies were perfect blue.