Easter Memories

 Kinder surprise, the glorious chocolate egg with a treasure within. Fond memories… now the egg has a pretty new wrapping. I like the rainbow words.
Its been afew years since our last tea party…and how the girls have grown…some of them out grown it and now its just the last few years before the younger girls out grow it as well. :/
The rain started to fall so we brought our little tea party indoors but it was still great regardless!!
There were 3 main activities for the evening:
1) Easter Egg Hunting
2) Easter egg painting 
3) Pipe clearner crowns
I had abit of a mess up with the egg painting activity, firstly, I forgot to get brushes…all my paint was dried up and well lastly we found out that styrofoam eggs don’t really hold paint very well. Hehe…so yeah.
We had to make it a finger painting and I had to cut up all my paint tubes but the girls had fun in the end!
 Our easter finds!
 Happy Easter Day!