A walk in old Lyon

Lyon is a very old city and the city now is divided by Old Lyon and New Lyon. 
I had a walk along Old Lyon, my walk started from the top of the hill at 
Fourviere Basilica all the way to and around Old Lyon.
 Autumn Leaves.
 All around France I would see these little round coins embedded into the road. Each city has a different design. This is Lyon’s, a rose I presume. I am guessing its the emblem for each city. 
 The long stairway down to Old Lyon
 Spot the Natalie!
 Yay!! I have my own shop!! well not really but still pretty close!!
 The insides of the building. In old buildings in France. alot of these tiny apartment buildings have a central courtyard, sometimes its not so big (like this picture) but its strangely beautiful and quiet.
 un traboule 
A small passage way leading from the outside to the inside of the courtyard. Lyon has many of these and tourist often find great fun opening different traboules and entering, wondering where it goes. Kinda like Alice in the rabbit hole won’t you say?
 Old maps!
 Beef road, my kinda road.
 The old city square
 Look how far I walked from the Fourviere! ( top of the picture)
Beautiful rustic windows.