Praha Day 1

Its long overdue, but here are photos from my first day wandering from my hotel. We walked to Prague’s National Museum and along Wenceslas Square with an amazing view of the long stretch of old buildings and neon lights.

 The evening light sets in and makes taking pictures a breeze.

Its interested to see so many Brand signs on such beautiful old buildings. I quite like the combination.

We entered one of the sleazy looking casinos that line up along the whole street. Surprisingly colorful and extremely noisy! But I do love the lights!!

The dark falls.


Where to stay?

I stayed in Hotel Noir which was near Prague’s National Museum. I would definitely recommend the hotel again. It is huge, beautiful and spacious. Near the metro and supermarkets/cafes. Its quite an empty street but not dangerous. I paid about 70 euros/night for it including breakfast (which was scrumptiously meaty!!)

 The street of Hotel Noir

And below, my room!!

 I love this window! Ceiling to floor. I must have this in my future home!!