Walking on Charles Bridge

Charles bridge
The atmosphere seemed to fit the look of old Prague, and the gloomy weather made the pictures look nice somehow. Unfortunately the bridge was very crowded, full of tourist and street vendors selling their art and nick nacks. Still its quite a view.
The old Prague Castle 
 a beautiful mansion in the distance.
The inside of an old building right next to the entrance of the bridge. I can’t really remember what it was but I really love the old painting and carvings with the natural light coming in.
This a drain cover? I duno what you call this but I like seeing these marks of a country all over europe.
An interesting art display in one of the buildings.
Next, Food! A important part of why i love prague so much. Super good fattening food like potatoes, meats, cheese and cream. At insanely large portions and incredibly low prices. Its amazing how the women still manage to look so hot. My guess is that the winters must be super cold and they burn all their fat away.
So we ate at this restaurant which was empty and it was like the next street down from the entrance of Charles bridge. We thought it was just so packed and all the restuarants there must be filled. so we walk to the parallel lane and found this. 
  Prazsky Most u Valsu
This sign lured me in. Totally read my mind.
We ordered Smokey pork ribs and fried potato pancakes with sour cream and their local beer made by the pub itself!! OMG just look at the portions!!
Biggest ribs i’ve seen in my life! 
After which we wandered around the main street and decided after our pig like feasting on those crazy ribs we should have desserts!! Btw prior to going to Prague i actually wrote down a list of food that i had to eat in prague! I completed almost all of it!
Beautiful Restaurant
Raphi diving in to the palačinky!!
The Palačinky is abit like the french crepe served with local jam, cream and vanilla ice cream. This plate was so good!! Heres some pictures for you to drool on.