On top of the hills

I can’t remember exactly which day of our trip in Prague was this but I still drool everytime I see these pictures of food from Prague. This was actually after our walk in St Vitus 
Just a random cafe but really yummy food. 
Potato dumpling with pork slices and egg. So good and extremely filling
Raphi had Guláš which is beef, with potato dumplings as well and cabbage
Super good, we were both very satisfied
Earlier on, we were on top of the hill of Prague’s Saint Vitus Church. There was an expansive garden just on the edge of the church. Extremely quiet and beautiful, not to mention a gorgeous view of the city.
One of the soldiers who stand guard at the entrance and exits of the church.
Zahrada Na Valech Park is located just next to the prague castle and St Vitus.