The Jewish Quarters and Art nouveau

This area is just 2 blocks down from the main square but its surprisingly less crowded 
and much more peaceful. 

We went to the Jewish museum and it was an eye opener. Out of respect for the community we were ask not to take any pictures within the vincinity (Although most tourist just did anyway)

This is the only picture I have (below) just before we entered. Raphi as a Jewish boy.

Inside, there were walls upon walls of names all neatly written of all the Jewish people sent to camp during the war, its just something to reflect on to see so many names of so many people. These people that had to go through so much just because of their choice of religion. 

There was also a collection of kids drawings drawn by Jewish kids who lived in the concentration camps. The drawings range from classrooms to the bunker halls and their lives inside the camps to happy images of a life they wish they could have had.

They had this amazing cemetery, all crowded with small tombstones and huge trees sheltering them. The space was quiet and it felt like a secret garden..almost serene and comforting. Light shone through the leaves creating a beautiful spotlight focus on some tombs. Very pretty. If only i could take pictures of it.


Alot of Prague’s culture and architecture was infused with Art Nouveau which happens to be one of my favourite art forms.

I always loved the fluidity of this art and how its a perfect blend of nature and human aesthetics. Its always beautiful and womanly, nothing grotesque about this art. I like how it can be incorporated so well into architecture, furniture and different art mediums.

Sushi and pear cider tonight.