First days of 2013 Christmas

I really love the écluse at Montreuil-Juigne. On a good day like the day I arrive at the town, it was bright and sunny and the colors were so warm and clear.

I have to walk across the small dam with a tiny bridge to get to this small island. Its a great place to sit down and hang or like I told my friend when I first met him here. “Its a great place to fall in love”

Of course with that being said, this friend is now my boyfriend. 🙂

I still fall in love everytime I’m here.

Its cold and I think I was looking for my gloves. Behind me you can see the small dam divider and the little bridge we had to cross. The house behind belongs to the person operating this écluse.

Along the écluse you can take the path that will bring you along the river very nicely. There are some nice houses with pretty gardens but at this time most of them have no flowers. The path would gradually go up the slope where at some point you can see the beautiful view of autumn/winter Montreuil-Juigne.

Left to right : 2013, 2012, 2010

Every time we go back to his place we would take the same photo at the same place. Its 3.5 years together now. We hope we have the chance to always do this till we grow old. 🙂

The tress in his park all red with the evening light.

Taken on another day in another time, this is the neighborhood.

Our happy feet…hoping this is a good year for us.