Sushi Lunch

My last trip in France, we had a long holiday with the family. I thought it would be nice to make something that :

a) they rarely get to eat

b)fairly easy to bring ingredients in France

c) Something i could manage.

Sushi in france

So I decided that sushi was something I could do! I tried to make sushi only twice, once was here. So for this lunch I made tonkatsu (special breaded pork chops), crabmeat sushi and maki, tuna sushi and maki, cucumber maki and some cha soba (green tea noodles).

I wish I had more ingredients so I could make more range of things but the salmon here isn’t flash frozen sushi salmon and the prawns in all the supermarkets are cooked (Weird for me) so I couldn’t make tempura prawns. Anyway! everyone enjoyed it nevertheless and I guess that’s the most important.

sushi in france

sushi in france