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Dirt Paths.

I like taking a walk around the estate of Montreuil-Juigné. Its peaceful and always beautiful no matter what time of the year. This evening I managed to drag Raphi out for a walk… Continue reading


Some more images of the town and roads in and around Brissac-Quincé which holds the grand Chateau Brissac.      

Chateau Brissac

After visiting some relatives, I wanted to go out and move about. I wanted to see more things! so we went on a little ride, just driving from town to town along the… Continue reading

Mont St Michel

It was a fine day when we visited Mont St Michel. The skies was a beautiful blue, sunny and windy. We were lucky this one day in winter. The tourist crowd was significantly… Continue reading

Hunting for moss

  This day we went to hunt for some good moss for the Crêche. The weather wasn’t great but we had fun anyway! The grounds were empty and misty, it was kinda romantic… Continue reading

Decorating le sapin

It was a lovely day that morning…well it always starts out lovely in the morning then the grey clouds move in the afternoon and soon its dark. 😦 It seems almost like the… Continue reading

Moulin Moulin

Did you know windmill in french is called moulin? Which is why the famous moulin rouge still has a windmill on their building. On our way back from Mont St Michel (I will… Continue reading

First days of 2013 Christmas

I really love the écluse at Montreuil-Juigne. On a good day like the day I arrive at the town, it was bright and sunny and the colors were so warm and clear. I… Continue reading

Montmartre je t’aime

I think I’ve mention this several times but Montmartre is my favorite place in Paris. I cant say exactly what about it that I love. I guess its the overall vibe of that… Continue reading

Notre Dame of Paris

Believe it or not, after all the times I’ve been to Paris, this is the first time I entered Notre Dame. I don’t know why back then I assumed I couldn’t enter, but… Continue reading

Lunch in Paris

I loved that along the Seine River, little novelty stores pop up selling “old” pictures, unwanted library books and old magazines for the tourist who loves those rustic Parisienne stuff (tourist like me).… Continue reading

Paris en vrac!

Some random compilation of pictures taken in paris, I love paris alot but yet I don’t have a clue what in particular to blog about in Paris. So heres a bunch of my… Continue reading