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A walk in old Lyon

Lyon is a very old city and the city now is divided by Old Lyon and New Lyon.    I had a walk along Old Lyon, my walk started from the top of… Continue reading

Fourvière Basilica

Welcome to Lyon!! This is where my boyfriend studied for about 2 years so he decided to bring me around and see Lyon for 2 short days. It is also my point of… Continue reading

Gordes part 2

 Gordes is simply one of the most beautiful countryside towns I’ve walked in.These are some of my favorite shots of the places. Mostly on the landscape and the small alleys.  The sky was… Continue reading

Gordes The view of the city

 One of the places I looked up on provence was Gordes. The city of Gordes was really something I’d probably see in postcards or a mythical old map. It sit grandly on top… Continue reading

Churches and gardens

Woah this is my 5th post about Aix-en-provence!! Super slow I am but there are just too many pictures!! Wandering the quieter streets of Aix…how pretty the soft colors.  It says “Piss here”… Continue reading