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Cassis Part 2

 Luxury Yachts lazing in the shade of the cliffs.  This calanque between Cassis and Marsielles is one of the World’s Heritage Sites and its quite breathtaking in real life to see.  Afew (probably)… Continue reading

Hyeres in the evening

 One of our last few stops in Provence we stop by Hyeres. This was recommended by Raphi’s mom and Raphi recalled having fond memories as a kid here. The town of Hyeres is really… Continue reading

Mas de la Regalade

 This is one of the fancier rooms I’ve stayed in Gordes. Usually on my travels,  I save up alot because I don’t usually stay in fancy hotels or eat in the finest joints. … Continue reading

Gordes part 2

 Gordes is simply one of the most beautiful countryside towns I’ve walked in.These are some of my favorite shots of the places. Mostly on the landscape and the small alleys.  The sky was… Continue reading

Gordes The city within

 In the middle of the city is this old castle. Nothing much really, it just turned into an information centre for tourist. Around it are many small cafes and souvenir shops to browse,… Continue reading

Gordes The view of the city

 One of the places I looked up on provence was Gordes. The city of Gordes was really something I’d probably see in postcards or a mythical old map. It sit grandly on top… Continue reading


So the first stop on our Provence trip – Aix-en-provence! (actually it was Marseille but we just went there to pick the car up)  This is our view from our hotel room in… Continue reading

Little Joanne

If there is one thing I really enjoy when I’m stressed/sad/lost it would be a long car ride. Be it day or night, just aimlessly enjoying the scenery outside or looking at the… Continue reading

The New Year..

May it be a good year 🙂 Happy new year all of you!! Hope your 2010 was wonderful and exciting as mine! and if it wasnt lets all pray that 2011 would be… Continue reading

Positano, italy

Hello people! sorry i’ve not been updating. right now i’m in Pisa but updating my last destination, Positano, Italy. I watched “under the tuscan sun” once and i was amazed by the beauty… Continue reading