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One of the days in Angers, Raphi wanted to bring me to a themepark called Puy du Fou and it was something we’ve decided on for a long time before I came. On… Continue reading

To Europe and back

So now I’m (sadly) back from Europe. Nevertheless it was still a good long trip and I suppose a good break and now I’m ready to get out of it and get to… Continue reading

Photobooth ready.

Be Picture-ready for the holiday season!! Come join me at the scape for this sunday Flea~!! We’ll be selling various themes to add fun and color to your booth!! xoxo


The one that got away. A nostalgic tune. Honestly, its nice to think back on a moment in time with someone and wonder what would have been with that person. Perhaps at one… Continue reading

First Flea

Stones prep for our first flea 🙂

Pumped up kicks by Owl Eyes (cover) ♪ ♫ ♪ ♫

I love this song mostly cos i love songs generally that sound like this, like feist (i feel it all) or chairlift (Bruises) etc.. But i like that this song has a darker… Continue reading

Luella’s Magic veil

Available at Eloise Shop

Love this mix

Summer Carnival

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Like it was just in front of me.

The memories are still clear to me. I know i’ve probably said or written this several times over. But i really miss europe. The beautiful mountains surrounding a town in the middle of… Continue reading

Lorelei : Quartz Collection

:Lorelei: newest collection featuring raw quartz stones made into delicate pendants. Available in To see more of our items click here. WWW.ETSY.COM

incredible little fashionable town in Sicily!

Great song and video style. I love advanced style, these people effortlessly combine style with everyday life.