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Hong Kong Bird Garden

Just at the end of flower market (which starts at the end of fish market) is the Yuen Po Street Bird Garden. In Singapore, we also have bird appreciation groups and shops specialising in… Continue reading

Hong Kong Wholesale Fish Market

          This time in Hong Kong, I searched interesting places to visit I’ve not yet explored. I found on trip advisor about the different markets in Hong Kong and… Continue reading

Lantau Hike

  Sorry for the break, I had a lot of things going on the past few months. My last stop was at lantau island, we visited the grand buddha and checked out the… Continue reading

The Giant Buddha

The Lantau Island is home to one of the biggest Buddha in Asia. When you’re in Hong Kong, take time to come down to lantau island if not to see the grand buddha,… Continue reading

Po Lin Monastery

At the foot hills of the valley which the grand buddha faced, there is a monastery for the worshippers to come pray and find solace and answers. We were allowed to wander around… Continue reading

Lantau Buddha part 1 : The white gates

The trip up on the bus was winding and long. We were greeted by these beautiful white gates at the entrance of the temple and just on the right you can see the… Continue reading

A misty morning ride to Lantau Island

The day we decided to go Lantau Island, it was a cloudy misty day. We were undecided how to get there. By train? By Bus? In the end we decided to go by… Continue reading

Man Mo Miu

Man Mo Miu sounds real cute but its cantonese for Wen Wu Temple which is located along Hollywood street. It is a taoist temple and most Hong Kong-ers are Taoist. I actually really… Continue reading


The 2 weekends ago at Westin Singapore.  

Nan Lian Gardens

My first post was on Chi Lin and now its on the gardens that the nunnery faces : Nan Lian Garden. This gardens is chinese classical garden, with pagoda & wooden bridges, water… Continue reading

Chi Lin Nunnery

I’m really excited about this post, mostly because its amazing that of all the times I’ve been in Hong Kong I’ve never known about this place. Its beyond beautiful and so serene. Chi… Continue reading

Friday Night Lights

I think that cluttered billboard lights are synonymous with Hong Kong. When you think of Hong Kong immediately you think of those colourful billboards, that lit up harbour in the mist and those… Continue reading