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The Giant Buddha

The Lantau Island is home to one of the biggest Buddha in Asia. When you’re in Hong Kong, take time to come down to lantau island if not to see the grand buddha,… Continue reading

A misty morning ride to Lantau Island

The day we decided to go Lantau Island, it was a cloudy misty day. We were undecided how to get there. By train? By Bus? In the end we decided to go by… Continue reading

Cape Panwa

The town of Cape Panwa is a small little town surrounding the hill beach front that extends out to the Andaman sea, Phi phi and Lanta island. Its a quiet town scattered with… Continue reading

Rainy day in Paradise

Even when its rainy, it somehow seems magical and comforting to me. The grey clouds and mountains, palm trees swaying to the wind.

Above Paradise

One of my favourite things to do : photograph everything I see from on the plan. This time I had the chance to fly over the Thailand island over a clear blue day!… Continue reading

Khai Nai and Khai Nok

The day that we went on our Island trip, it was raining earlier and sadly after that the whole day was gloomy and blue. When I took pictures it look grey and dark,… Continue reading

Karon Beach

When planning our stay in Phuket, we realise that it had several beaches and all (apparently) totally different. The main beach Patong, we heard, was overcrowd and filled with pubs, bars and nightclubs.… Continue reading

Ramada Phuket South Sea Hotel

Last year I went on a short trip to Phuket, Thailand. I really love Thailand beaches and hotels, its great for a short getaway. I stayed at this Ramada Phuket Southsea remember it being… Continue reading

Kusu Island

I’d be danged, who knew a place like this existed in Singapore? well not really Singapore but just a 30min ferry ride away but the island still belongs to us. When i was… Continue reading

Bamboo island

Yes i heart Bamboo island. LOL  How to get here:  Take a taxi boat from Phi Phi island or Phuket (but its only like 20 mins from phi phi) Cost: 1000 baht for… Continue reading