Designer | Crafter | Jeweller | Traveller | Baker | Event Organiser

Hello I’m Natalie.  I spend most of my time dreaming about places to travel, things to do and create. I work as a brand curator and community manager for Fashvacation. I believe its important that you should always pursue and work in the things you love. I love fashion, travel and baking and I always make sure I put aside time for these 3 things.

I’m no photography expert but I hope my images capture the beauty that amazes me on my trips. I’m better at taking scenic, food and product shoots, recently while working on my company’s fashion blog I realised I have no knack at editorial work but I hope I get the gist of it some day! I love having friends over and have bake sessions, craft parties and any form of DIY stuff with friends or even strangers!

In 2010, I went on a 3 month backpacking holiday on my own in Europe. This was a big thing for me because prior to that I hadn’t really travel much and Europe was so far away from everything I knew. But it was a leap of faith and the best thing I ever did for myself. 3 years down the road, I’m still travelling, I met the love of my life (during my trip in Europe)  and still doing fashion. 🙂 

I hope all my followers never stop pursuing their dreams and if you really want it, it will naturally come to be.

If you’re stopping by singapore or would really like to meet up or collaborate together, contact me  :



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