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Above Paradise

One of my favourite things to do : photograph everything I see from on the plan. This time I had the chance to fly over the Thailand island over a clear blue day!… Continue reading

Khai Nai and Khai Nok

The day that we went on our Island trip, it was raining earlier and sadly after that the whole day was gloomy and blue. When I took pictures it look grey and dark,… Continue reading

Ramada Phuket South Sea Hotel

Last year I went on a short trip to Phuket, Thailand. I really love Thailand beaches and hotels, its great for a short getaway. I stayed at this Ramada Phuket Southsea remember it being… Continue reading

Bamboo island

Yes i heart Bamboo island. LOL  How to get here:  Take a taxi boat from Phi Phi island or Phuket (but its only like 20 mins from phi phi) Cost: 1000 baht for… Continue reading

Phi Phi an island for everyone.

An island for everyone who likes sports, alittle romance, partying, discovering nature, food and shopping.   How to get there: Thanx to the famous movie with Leo DiCaprio “The Beach” brought much business… Continue reading

Ran Tee Bay

After an exhausting walk up the top of Phi Phi Island, my bf said he was surprised that i wanted to venture down a unpaved path after seeing this sign: I honestly must… Continue reading

Ko Rok Part 1

 Yes oh my fudging cupcakes!!! It can’t get any bluer in Paradise!! Here i am in Ko Rok, There are so many pictures i wanted to post on my blog and i couldn’t… Continue reading

We got no trouble, life is the bubbles, Under the sea!!

Sebastian from Ariel is singing “Under the sea” to me right now! So we went snorkeling!!   Fish in flashlight looks (Example below)  Survivor Under the sea Under the sea Darling it’s better… Continue reading

Sunset Boulevard.

Sunsets at Koh Lanta are pretty amazing.. Barely afew days ago i just return from my trip to Thailand and these are my shots of  Koh Lanta 🙂 this will be followed by… Continue reading