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Autumn in Prague 2

 The intense blue of the skies!!! So pretty!! What a beautiful skyline, I find myself missing Prague a lot. Hanging our legs by the river and checking out the swans. One more blue… Continue reading

Autumn Falls

Somewhere in the middle of Vltava River is this tiny island that serves as a river traffic divider and a tiny secluded park. Strangely the only place in Prague that seems to be… Continue reading

Prague Trdelnik

   Fending off my bf with a knife and a coaster that looks like a shield.   After days of overly fattening food we decided we should have something lighter…not that anything there… Continue reading

Prague Birdseye view

Kids in Prague play with little toy cars and statues on the town square. When we went up to tower, it felt abit like kids looking over your little houses and humans. Everything… Continue reading


A corner restaurant near my hotel. i just loved how it looks on the outside. I love how prague has this post apocalyptic feel.   So since we’ve been in prague be basically… Continue reading

Grande View

The view of the other side of Prague. Outside a quiet church.

Best Strudel ever.

Restaurant was right outside the gates of St Vitus past the town square into the little residential lanes.   “U svatého jana nepomuckého”   My friend commented it looks like a savoury dish,… Continue reading

Prague’s Residential Streets

What I really love about travelling, is always to see where the real people live. If I’m lucky I get to live with them which I had a couple of times. But this… Continue reading

St Vitus

The entrance to St Vitus. Rather harsh setting. The grand interiors of St Vitus The front doors The back of the church, also possibly more famous image of it.    My perspective looking… Continue reading

On top of the hills

I can’t remember exactly which day of our trip in Prague was this but I still drool everytime I see these pictures of food from Prague. This was actually after our walk in… Continue reading

The Astronomiclal Clock

The old town square in the evening is quite a beautiful place to be in. You can see the view point tower and some other fantastic architecture. Apart from that, most people go… Continue reading

The Jewish Quarters and Art nouveau

This area is just 2 blocks down from the main square but its surprisingly less crowded  and much more peaceful.  We went to the Jewish museum and it was an eye opener. Out… Continue reading