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Shops in Aix-En-Provence

What a pretty garden and place to stay in    Me hopping to pluck some seeds off the tree branch. These were the seeds I was trying t get. I threw them up… Continue reading

Churches and gardens

Woah this is my 5th post about Aix-en-provence!! Super slow I am but there are just too many pictures!! Wandering the quieter streets of Aix…how pretty the soft colors.  It says “Piss here”… Continue reading


Its my fourth post on aix and I’m starting to think I should make longer post if not I’ll never finish posting my trip.  In this post we manage to find one of… Continue reading

little flower market

While walking around the Old Town center, I stumbled upon on open flower market. All the beautiful flowers that surround me. Had I been staying longer I would have bought a bunch 🙂… Continue reading

Aix-en-provence little street.

The little street across our hotel, leading up to the old town center was very pretty. It was filled with cute little cafes and boulangerie and even a 24hr sushi takeaway! There was… Continue reading


So the first stop on our Provence trip – Aix-en-provence! (actually it was Marseille but we just went there to pick the car up)  This is our view from our hotel room in… Continue reading