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Dirt Paths.

I like taking a walk around the estate of Montreuil-Juigné. Its peaceful and always beautiful no matter what time of the year. This evening I managed to drag Raphi out for a walk… Continue reading

Christmas Market

Bonne Fêtes means Happy Holidays in french. This is my first Christmas in France and also my first time visiting a christmas market. According to the family, the Christmas market in Anger is… Continue reading

Hunting for moss

  This day we went to hunt for some good moss for the Crêche. The weather wasn’t great but we had fun anyway! The grounds were empty and misty, it was kinda romantic… Continue reading

Decorating le sapin

It was a lovely day that morning…well it always starts out lovely in the morning then the grey clouds move in the afternoon and soon its dark. 😦 It seems almost like the… Continue reading

First days of 2013 Christmas

I really love the écluse at Montreuil-Juigne. On a good day like the day I arrive at the town, it was bright and sunny and the colors were so warm and clear. I… Continue reading

Tree house

  This will be my last entry on Angers or Raphi’s hometown. Soon I’ll begin my lovely blog post on Provence! 🙂 Raphi once told me when he was younger, he and a… Continue reading


Its been 2 years since I’ve last been to Angers but it feels almost nothing has changed except the both of us. The last time we were here, we were here as friends… Continue reading

The little house with a beautiful garden

Raphi’s House  Those lovely lovely flowers.  The cutest garden shed The secret backdoor  Passionfruit flower.  Dried flowers.  Sweet sweet peaches.  Dandelions in the nearby space.  My Dandelion.  No its not pain…Its french for… Continue reading

Back to my favorite place.

Its been a year since we last saw each other face to face (of course not counting through facetime) This is the first picture we took together. The first picture we took when… Continue reading

Raphi’s Castle.

The last time I was in Angers, I visited Castle of Angers. This time Raphi brought me to a nearby town with a castle (more like a giant home) called  Le Plessis-Bourré. It… Continue reading

Oh lala! C’est tres joli!

 Kinda like the pictures you would see in postcards eh? Thats at least, what i thought…  So this is part of Montreuil-Juigné. A small clearing next to the river that winds down to… Continue reading

I dont have anger. Anger, Montreuil-Juigné

Interestingly, Angers (Montreuil-Juigné) and north-west France is one of the best places i visited in Europe. It is special not only because the place is beautiful but the people whom i’ve met who… Continue reading