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Food that touches the heart.

I think you can quite easily say that Dim Sum = Hong Kong. 點心 ; Dian xin in mandarin (Dim Sum in Cantonese) literally means “Dot/point heart”  but it means that its like a… Continue reading

Pesto Aubergine Tart

 A fine beautiful day, the last days of my trip in France. Chantal baked some lovely tart with pesto and aubergine. The pesto was a tad strong but the crisp flaky pastry and… Continue reading

Sushi Lunch

My last trip in France, we had a long holiday with the family. I thought it would be nice to make something that : a) they rarely get to eat b)fairly easy to… Continue reading

Lunch in Paris

I loved that along the Seine River, little novelty stores pop up selling “old” pictures, unwanted library books and old magazines for the tourist who loves those rustic Parisienne stuff (tourist like me).… Continue reading

Prague Trdelnik

   Fending off my bf with a knife and a coaster that looks like a shield.   After days of overly fattening food we decided we should have something lighter…not that anything there… Continue reading


A corner restaurant near my hotel. i just loved how it looks on the outside. I love how prague has this post apocalyptic feel.   So since we’ve been in prague be basically… Continue reading

Best Strudel ever.

Restaurant was right outside the gates of St Vitus past the town square into the little residential lanes.   “U svatého jana nepomuckého”   My friend commented it looks like a savoury dish,… Continue reading

On top of the hills

I can’t remember exactly which day of our trip in Prague was this but I still drool everytime I see these pictures of food from Prague. This was actually after our walk in… Continue reading

Walking on Charles Bridge

Charles bridge   The atmosphere seemed to fit the look of old Prague, and the gloomy weather made the pictures look nice somehow. Unfortunately the bridge was very crowded, full of tourist and… Continue reading

A walk in old Lyon

Lyon is a very old city and the city now is divided by Old Lyon and New Lyon.    I had a walk along Old Lyon, my walk started from the top of… Continue reading

Apple Orchard.

Before coming to France, Raphi thought it would be great if we could go apple picking in an orchard. However we realised that in September the orchard near his place isn’t open to… Continue reading


Its my fourth post on aix and I’m starting to think I should make longer post if not I’ll never finish posting my trip.  In this post we manage to find one of… Continue reading