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The tourist

After watching The Tourist, which was set in Venice. I miss Venice, though beautiful in the setting, is really just 1/8 of how beautiful Venice truly is. Lido and Burano epitomized the beauty… Continue reading

The Trevi Fountain & Old Roma

MAKE A WISH!!!!!!!  Trevi Fountain I cant remember what i wished for but i guess i have it now cos i couldn’t think of anything more!  Colosseum~!!   Vincenzo mega fail at focusing… Continue reading

The Vatican & Sistine Chapel

 Ciao Bella!! After sorting my blog entries i realise i havent upload several of my photos!! So i know Rome is now freezing cold but here are some warm summer pictures of Rome… Continue reading

Positano, italy

Hello people! sorry i’ve not been updating. right now i’m in Pisa but updating my last destination, Positano, Italy. I watched “under the tuscan sun” once and i was amazed by the beauty… Continue reading