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Love is all encompassing.

 Just some Save-the-date engagement shots I did for a couple recently. Love the black & white edits.

Gift wrapping

I always love celebrations. Birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions but in small groups of course. There is nothing quite as satisfying as giving and making a person smile, to have small intimate conversations… Continue reading


The 2 weekends ago at Westin Singapore.  


Curious things, cats are. Afew months ago I met one. She was wary and shy But I have a strange connection I don’t know why! I was determined to win her trust! So… Continue reading

What’s In Your Bag?

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Thank god it’s the weekend!! We love weekends and this weekend would be an exciting one for Fashvacation, as we prep for an exciting new team…

Ice creams & Kinfolk

I received my first copy of Kinfolk. I only discovered this magazine late last year but haven’t actually own one because the issues available wasn’t to my liking. Not to mention they were… Continue reading

SLA Dates

 SLA (Single Ladies Association) was form by my friends when they were having a study exchange in Swiss. I was briefly single when I met them but now almost half of the girls… Continue reading

Blue Tones

I don’t have a particular favourite colour. But I love blue in nature and travel, it soothes me and makes me relax. Every time I see blue images I imagine I’m on a… Continue reading

Easter Memories

 Kinder surprise, the glorious chocolate egg with a treasure within. Fond memories… now the egg has a pretty new wrapping. I like the rainbow words.   Its been afew years since our last… Continue reading

Clayton Austin

While working, i’ve chanced upon a photographer who takes the loveliest wedding photos. I notice the style of wedding photography change and i love it. Its no longer just taking pictures of the… Continue reading

Wishing to travel

I really want to travel again… I want to get lost in it all and away from it all. Just you know wanna wander off and discover a new place, learn new things,… Continue reading

My Milk Toof

Cutest little blogspot featuring 2 characters: Ickle and Lardee These 2 milk toofs go about their daily lives like kids discovering life and activities. They have the cutest personality translated through their… Continue reading