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Ao Yon Waterfalls

  Hello! This is the 2nd waterfall I visited in Phuket, this is also the last entry of Phuket series. My next destination is Yogyakarta and I just returned from it a few… Continue reading

She sells seashells by the seashore

Wearing braces makes it hard for me to say this line accurately. It would sound more like “shi shell seashell by the shi shor” Thankfully, I’m removing them end of this month (Hopefully,… Continue reading

Cape Panwa

The town of Cape Panwa is a small little town surrounding the hill beach front that extends out to the Andaman sea, Phi phi and Lanta island. Its a quiet town scattered with… Continue reading

Wet Market at Cape Panwa

A few days ago, I blogged about the Mouth of a river, on the same day, I walked across the road to an open wet market. It was buzzing with life and colours,… Continue reading

Mouth of a river

At the mouth of a small river that winds itself through Phuket is a small fishermen dock. Little floating houses, wooden boats and bamboo sticks sticking from the mud. The wind blows gently… Continue reading

Cloud 19

Probably one of my favourite pictures. Why I love it, I can’t put a finger on it. A few days after spending time in Karon Beach we moved to the other side of… Continue reading


—————————————-   This blog entry is dedicated to Jeab.This amazing man we met in Thailand. When you lived in big cities for too long, I think it makes a person cold, impersonally and… Continue reading

Kathu waterfall part 2

There is always a serene stillness in forest and jungles. When you trek deep enough, secluded enough, you stop and you realise that you are alone in the jungle. The trees are so… Continue reading

Kathu Waterfall part 1

Nothing says the holidays like a watermelon ice-cream!! Cooling and refreshing, it was a great way to start a walk up hill to the Kathu Waterfalls near Patong. It’s been a while since… Continue reading

Karon Beach

When planning our stay in Phuket, we realise that it had several beaches and all (apparently) totally different. The main beach Patong, we heard, was overcrowd and filled with pubs, bars and nightclubs.… Continue reading

Ramada Phuket South Sea Hotel

Last year I went on a short trip to Phuket, Thailand. I really love Thailand beaches and hotels, its great for a short getaway. I stayed at this Ramada Phuket Southsea remember it being… Continue reading