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Above Paradise

One of my favourite things to do : photograph everything I see from on the plan. This time I had the chance to fly over the Thailand island over a clear blue day!… Continue reading

Skyblog : France to Singapore 2

Some really amazing clouds and the play of evening light.         A column of rain clouds, we know we are in South-East Asia.      

Skyblog: France to Singapore 1

One of my favourite hobbies is to take pictures of the sky,  whether its from the ground taking the skies above or from way up above taking down. I am fascinated by clouds,… Continue reading

Up above the world so high


A view from the heavens

The cascading mountains of china as i fly over Beijing towards home sweet home. Throughout my travel trips i have to say i’ve been quite lucky to be taking window seats here and… Continue reading

All the colors in the sky, won’t ever be as lovely as your eyes.

Just some pictures of the skies all over the world, whether looking up or looking down….just little pieces of skies i kept in my blackberry and now i’m sharing with you.. My little… Continue reading