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Sunshine award

Hello! I’m very blessed and honoured that Hadorable nominated me for the award. I think the most important thing about this is that someone out there appreciates and is inspired by your daily… Continue reading

Le Pain Quotidien

Just before i left for Swiss, Yingying said that we should go have a nice last meal together 🙂 We decided on Le Pain Quotidien which i think means…the daily bread. Its a… Continue reading

T’is the season for dessert hunting!

Hi guys!! I’m finally and slowly resuming back to updating my blog!! Today is my birthday…clearing the camera i’ve decided to post pictures of my last day in Zurich!! We had desserts non-stop!!… Continue reading

Fleurs de suisse

I’ve been rather bored in swiss lately, due to the fact that swiss is mostly for people who love outdoors sports (which i am not) and that everything is expensive. Food and transport… Continue reading

Fille de fleurs

Yes narcissism in the air. I am now in zurich just slacking and well i went to take a walk and decided to make a rose wreave for my head…it turn out not… Continue reading