Oxford and Shakespeare

On one of my trips out of London i did a 1 day tour to Oxford town, where most of UK’s most prestigious schools reside and Stratford town, the birthplace of the famous Shakespeare.
Although it was a gloomy day that day (as usual for London) I felt the mood set quite well upon Oxford. The whole cluster of Oxford universities side by side each other..in their extremely old English architecture made me feel like it was my first day in Hogwarts.
These large empty hallways look so similar to those that harry walked through
I’m in The Great Hall! or at least where they shot it…it looks alot smaller then i’d imagine…or perhaps..harry was really tiny.
On our way to Stratford town the countryside view is amazing…i’ve seen italy and france countryside but english and the swiss ones appeal to me most!!
In Stratford town you’d find amazing and beautiful candy emporiums filled with names u can only find in Ronald Dahl books or Harry Potter
Shakespeare’s Birthplace!!