Just some personal thoughts.

You know who. Is like Polygamy for Love! Utter bullshit. Advertisements

Just some pretty things.

Old School.

Old school itself says it all…its old and its a school..love the nostalgic feeling it gives!! But the flight of stairs i had to climb at 8am also made me remember why i… Continue reading



Can”t wait for my journey to begin.


I love this time of the year: 1 Evenings stay longer..past 7pm 2 It gets cooler with the rain 3 Its the best time to fall in love. ♥♥I like this ♥♥ ♥Evening… Continue reading

La mer

Ahh travel plans halted. Need to look for accomodation again. i cant wait to break free.

Cakes and what not

Its been a while since i took any pictures of shoots…this one is quite interesting cos theres some amazing cakes… taken from Pine Gardens Bakery..somewhere in AMK.and clothes ooo..by CK and armani.. 🙂… Continue reading

♥Garden Dinners♥

I am like damn obese can? ai yohhh eyeliner boy! Mmmm..i love this wine *hic!* Yum Yum!! Steak+Mash+Onions&Mushrooms Salvation army Treasures: The series of unfortunate events (great finds..beautiful book covers @ only $2… Continue reading

Teaparties with fairies

This wednesday..me and my little cousins had a little tea garden party…of course rain fell as with most singapore weather these days.. So we moved it in..but nevertheless the fun was endless (and… Continue reading

One on the Bund

So we’v begun early for next issue’s shoots… 6 months earlier in fact.. haha. So this is one of our outdoor shoots…at Old clifford Pier, a restaurant called “One on the Bund” serving… Continue reading

Garden Party for one

XOXO Natalie Cupcakeloft