Hong Kong Wholesale Fish Market


Neon colored fish


Gold fish wall


Vibrant blue fish


Fish for sale


Fish shop

This time in Hong Kong, I searched interesting places to visit I’ve not yet explored. I found on trip advisor about the different markets in Hong Kong and decided to check out these places.

The Fish market is really just along the main Kowloon street and it’s such a vibrant and interesting place. The whole stretch of street is actually a “Pet Street”, on one side they sell adorable puppies and kittens and on the other is the fish markets selling bags and bags of fishes, crusteaseans and other odd sea creatures.

Gold fish

Fish picking

Here fishes are sold in bundles, bagged in clear plastic and filled with oxygen then hug up for display. Goldfishes with their bright orange and white colours and reflective gold scale patterns are very popular for collectors in Asia and especially in a country with a strong belief of divinition and fengshui, goldfish represent good luck and prosperity.

I honestly can’t believe how crowded it was that day, considering that its a weekday, there were still a lot of customers moving from shop to shop buying fishes.

Fish bags


Jumpy Puffer Fish

They sell other exotic fishes as well like this adorable bundle of leopard puffer fish, I’ve had some of these fishes before but they are always so jumpy that they often end up out of the bowl :/

You saw in the first few images, some neon coloured fishes and a blue stripped fish, among those are snails and crayfish pets available for sale as well.

Tanks of fish


Crustaceans delight


Hong Kong Fish Market

I find that in Hong Kong it’s so hard to differentiate one street from another. Its different yet similar to each other at the same time!! Always veiled in a layer of dust and old fallen clothes, wires and cloth poles. The streets always crowded with people, cars and constructions.

Hong Kong Fish Market


A typical street


Puppy Factory



I saw this and some how made me feel really sad. I’m not one for the idea of animal pet shops especially large animals like dogs and cats. The whole factory system of producing animals to sell is just disgusting to think about.


I just hope people who buy them are responsible but most often they aren’t which makes it depressing to think about.

Advertising wall

Kinda amazed at these colourful and bright adverts! How do they compete with each other!! it looks all the same!

So back to the fish markets, some are built into the narrow alleys  between buildings, lited in blue and pink light to enhance the colour of the fish. The lighting gives me the feel like i’m in some illegal black market trading haha!! That’s just the feeling I got, I’m sure all of this is legal.

inside a wholesale fish shop

Hong Kong goldfish tank

GoldFish tank

Luo Han fish

This is the Lou Han fish and its selling at a very hefty price. Chinese believe that this fish brings prosperity and the bigger the bump on it’s head, the luckier it is. As you can see, this fish has a huge bump and really nice bright colours and patterns, so it’s a pretty darn lucky guy. These guys usually eat small animals like frogs, shrimp or fishes. My cousin once kept a fish like this and fed it tiny frogs, it was quite scary yet fascinating to watch it vacuum up the frogs in the water.

These fish (Guppies and Louhan) are actually drain water fish, they get their bright colours from living in the muck for so long and I wonder if the colours on their tails comes from all the rubbish they eat in the drains too??  Guppies survive much better in slightly dirty water than a clean fresh tank.

Hong Kong Fish Market guppies

Guppy delights


It was a fascinating visit, if you’ve got time in Hong Kong pop by to visit this market, watch the local people haggle and select their gold fish and walls upon walls of fishes hung for sale and view.  Just nearby are the flower markets and grab yourself a bouquet after lunch.