Mas de la Regalade

 This is one of the fancier rooms I’ve stayed in Gordes. Usually on my travels, 
I save up alot because I don’t usually stay in fancy hotels or eat in the finest joints. 
But I think once in a while its good to have a nice hotel.
Mas de la Regalade is a small B&B run by a couple, a pretty little farmhouse converted 
into a nice B&B just a short drive away from Gordes. It’s so quaint and so “Provence”, 
I loved it here.
 One of the many open dining here that couples can choose to have their meals in.
 Blue patterned sky
 Exhausted from driving.
 Our open concept bathroom
 Breakfast is served outside, the assortment of jams, creams and bread is just lovely.
 The outdoor pool.
 pool lounge
 Its freezing cold btw, unlike singapore warm pool water, this one was somewhere between 18 to 24 degrees! I didn’t like it, I jumped in and came out the next second.
 Our door is on the second level.
 The driveway leading to the farmhouse.
 Beautiful evenings!
Alittle funny story:
At night we were still hanging out in the open near the pool and we heard a rustle in the bushes..
at first we thought it might be someone (because its really dark you cant  barely see anything) 
then we thought maybe its a dog. It turn out to be a giant hog! the size of a wine barrel! freak 
the hell out of us.. We ended up standing on the chairs till it went away haha.