Batik Making

Through my travels in Asia mostly, I’ve often been brought to factories and wholesale show houses, whether willingly or unwillingly, I was never really was engaged with what the products were. But during… Continue reading


I can’t remember where I took this, some european countryside. I think it was on the road along Provence.


These days I’m having a severe case of wanderlust, it aches in my heart. I know it just sounds stupid but i really can’t shake off this feeling. When it happens it just never gets… Continue reading


Curious things, cats are. Afew months ago I met one. She was wary and shy But I have a strange connection I don’t know why! I was determined to win her trust! So… Continue reading

Indonesia village life

Though this isn’t the first time I’ve seen such scenery, it always takes my breath away. We were taking a van to drive from Borobudur to another smaller temple when we stop by… Continue reading

Last of my borobudur pics I promise you

Yes this is the last set. I know less is more but I can’t help it, I know photos better appreciated when it is carefully selected, but I really can’t help it. I feel its… Continue reading

Sunrise Borobudur

Hello welcome to the heavens! The sun has fully risen and cast a warm glow on Borobudur. You can see clearly now the layers of forest cover in mist, like something you’ll see… Continue reading

Indonesia Forest

Borobudur in the dusk

  Hi guys! I’m sorry I’ve been quiet lately, perhaps most of you didn’t notice at all. I’ve been busy at work with my event and haven’t really been inspired to go through… Continue reading

Alamanda Bed & Breakfast

How much you like a certain place or country is dependent on what you experience during your time there. The places you stay in, the people who touched your life and those moments… Continue reading

Dieng Hindu Temples

One of our last stops was to visit Dieng’s Hindu temples. I always thought that Indonesia was a Muslim country but until recently, my guide told me that I was mistaken. It was… Continue reading

Sikidang Crater

This is my first series of photos in black & white. I’ve never done it before because I’ve never been really confident with photo filters like this. I was always afraid it didn’t… Continue reading