Telaga Warna

After our view point to see Telaga Warna from a Birdseye view, we came down to see the true blue of the lake. I don’t think my camera was good enough to capture… Continue reading

The view of Telaga Warna

Our guide brought us up a small hill after a short introduction about Dieng Plateau and how it formed in a tiny theatre. We climbed up a potato plantation to a secret view… Continue reading

Dieng Plateau

So if anyone is lost, I’ve just started on my Indonesia series in Yogyakarta. We reached Dieng Plateau, some 2000m above sea levels. Dieng Plateau used to be a huge volcano, then it… Continue reading

Yogyakarta Diaries

Its been a week since I woke up early morn to head up 2000m to Dieng Plateau. Such beautiful scenery that I wish I could snap every beautiful moment I saw but some… Continue reading

Ao Yon Waterfalls

¬† Hello! This is the 2nd waterfall I visited in Phuket, this is also the last entry of Phuket series. My next destination is Yogyakarta and I just returned from it a few… Continue reading

She sells seashells by the seashore

Wearing braces makes it hard for me to say this line accurately. It would sound more like “shi shell seashell by the shi shor” Thankfully, I’m removing them end of this month (Hopefully,… Continue reading

Cape Panwa

The town of Cape Panwa is a small little town surrounding the hill beach front that extends out to the Andaman sea, Phi phi and Lanta island. Its a quiet town scattered with… Continue reading

Wet Market at Cape Panwa

A few days ago, I blogged about the Mouth of a river, on the same day, I walked across the road to an open wet market. It was buzzing with life and colours,… Continue reading

Rainy day in Paradise

Even when its rainy, it somehow seems magical and comforting to me. The grey clouds and mountains, palm trees swaying to the wind.

Mouth of a river

At the mouth of a small river that winds itself through Phuket is a small fishermen dock. Little floating houses, wooden boats and bamboo sticks sticking from the mud. The wind blows gently… Continue reading

Cloud 19

Probably one of my favourite pictures. Why I love it, I can’t put a finger on it. A few days after spending time in Karon Beach we moved to the other side of… Continue reading

Sunny bass & lemongrass lime pasta

In details, this is a pan fried sea bass with mango chutney and lemongrass & lime base. Its a fusion of Indian, thai and western, I love the smell of Khafir lime leaves… Continue reading